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Jacob & Co. Astronomia Metaverso Mercury Antworten

Physical NFTs | Jacob & Co unveils digital and physical NFT watches

With the debut of a new line of physical NFT watches that take full advantage of the Metaverse, Jacob & Co. is re-entering the digital space. The "Astronomia Metaverso" collection was designed in collaboration with UNXD, a marketplace for luxury and cultural NFTs. It's fitting that the series extends Jacob & Co.'s legendary Astronomia brand and its many cosmic renderings into a digital, crypto-native future.

On Wednesday, Jacob & Co. unveiled the first three of eight timepieces in the collection, all of which are inspired and named by planets in the solar system (except Pluto). Venus and Mars will be distributed as one-of-a-kind physical NFT timepieces and accompanying NFTs, while Saturn will only be available as 30 individual NFTs, the first three watches. will sell all physical and digital NFT timepieces.

This is the second time a luxury watch and jewelry brand has entered the Internet space. Jacob & Co. was the first luxury watchmaker to launch an NFT watch.

According to Jacob & Co. CEO Benjamin Arabov, the new custom series is inspired by "crypto comic culture" and features a custom comic and film film that tells the story of the series' creation. On this floor, Jacob and his colleagues accidentally ripped a hole in the fabric of space, creating a wormhole leading to a mysterious clone of the digital metaverse of our galaxy. The lab's watch was sucked in by a wormhole and turned into an asteroid in a virtual world. These asteroids collided with otherworldly planets, resulting in their designs (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). We discovered upon landing that each asteroid reassembled into a unique watch inspired by its planet - a collection of watches made from fragments of the metaverse. Make the most of it.

“With the Jacob & Co. brand, Astronomia Metaverso invites watch lovers and cryptocurrency collectors to unleash their creativity while enjoying the craft of watchmaking and unlocking new experiences,” said Benjamin Arabov. “Each NFT is a unique digital collectible artwork, offering its owner exclusive digital and experiential benefits.” However, five of them can be exchanged for the original physical watch, while the remaining three are split into multiple editions. "

Jacob Arabo, founder and chairman of Jacob & Co., designed each watch in the collection. It comes in eight different designs (one per planet) and is available in digital and physical formats. The five closest planets to the sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter) have unique physical NFT watches (NFTs that contain watches), but the three most distant planets (Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) have split into several A number-only variety.

In the spring, five one-of-a-kind physical and digital clocks will be available for purchase. Actual watches for the first five planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter) will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The last three planets (Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) will have a series of versions.

UNXD co-founders Shashi Menon and Nick Gonzalez were impressed not only by the NFT offering, but by the fact that a true luxury timepiece with a high degree of complexity will be a big part of the launch.

"The physical NFT watch demonstrates Jacob & Co.'s commitment to producing something truly novel in the field," Menon explained. "We're excited about this broader commitment to the space, and we're confident collectors will respond."

Digital, physical and experiential benefits
The NFT watch also serves as a membership pass, granting users access to future Jacob & Co. digital activations and future digital, physical and experiential privileges. Each NFT returns from the Metaverse with a unique set of digital abilities.

Each NFT is rendered in high resolution, highlighting the creativity of these one-of-a-kind timepieces. The three most distant planets (Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) have many different designs, adding to the rarity of the series.

Physical - The physical watch will be claimed by the owner of the NFT of the five closest planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter).

EXPERIENCE - As a member of an NFT, you will be able to participate in a variety of unique events.

Each physical NFT watch has its own dome design that sits on top of the dial.

For Ben Arabov, the launch represents a continuation of the innovation that has set his father Jacob Arabo and his brand apart from other Swiss watchmakers since its founding 36 years ago.

“Before these words got cool, Jacob was doing a really good job of innovating and disrupting. This is the second generation to enter the space, and it opens a new path for Jacob & Co.,” said Ben Arabov . "In the last 30 years, there have been flat time zone watches and watch complications. This is the next phase and the next step, and I came into this industry to bring this new world to the public."

The watches that were launched for the first time are as follows:
Ben Arabov sees the launch as a continuation of the innovation that has distinguished his father Jacob Arabo and his company from other Swiss watchmakers since their founding 36 years ago.

“Jacob did a fantastic job of disrupting and innovating before phrases like this became popular. This is the second generation of Jacob & Co. entering the space and forging a new path,” commented Ben Arabov. “Over the past 30 years During the year, flat time zone watches and watch complications appeared. "This is the next stage and step, and I came into the industry to introduce people to this new world."

Here are the watches released for the premiere:

Astronomy Metaverso — Mars

one of a kind
Case: 44mm 18K rose gold and sapphire with aventurine bezel and red mineral finish floor; dial base with aventurine bezel and red mineral finish floor. Rose gold dome set with semi-precious stones; Mars rover and space habitat, both set with white diamonds.
JCAM19 hand-wound gravity twin-axis movement exclusively produced by Jacob & Co.
Tourbillon Roll
48 hours power reserve
Hours and minutes are displayed, and the Jacob Cut red sapphire rotates every 60 seconds.
Dial and hands: rose gold hands and red mineral crystal dial.

Astronomy Metaverso - Venus
one of a kind
Base dial in aventurine frame with pink mineral finish; case in 44mm 18K white gold and sapphire. Yellow sapphires, pink sapphires and white diamonds are set in a rose gold creative dome.
Exclusive Manufacture is a sport that only happens once a year. Jacob & Co. Hand-wound JCAM19 Gravity Biaxial Tourbillon.
48 hours power reserve
Hours and minutes are displayed, and the Jacob Cut Pink Sapphire rotates every 60 seconds.
Dial and hands: rose gold hands and pink mineral crystal dial.

Astronomia Metaverso — Saturn NFT
Case: 44mm black DLC titanium and sapphire with aventurine bezel and purple mineral finish floor; base dial with an aventurine bezel and purple mineral finish floor. Saturn's moons are represented by unique gold art domes set with yellow, orange, purple and green sapphires and white diamond rings.
The Jacob & Co. Manual Winding JCAM19 with Gravity Biaxial Flying Tourbillon is a movement exclusive to Jacob & Co.
48 hours power reserve
Hours and minutes are displayed, and the Jacob Cut Purple Sapphire rotates every 60 seconds.
The dial is purple mineral crystal and the hands are rose gold.

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