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25.11.2019 07:44
Three more lights and Antworten

Three more lights and five chickens, it is when the students study. It was this hard work of the year that made me understand youth. ����Inscription youth is like the bright sunshine at 8 or 9 in the morning. You can't really understand the meaning of it without going through this year. Dawn �� Struggle at six o'clock, the moon has not fallen, the stars do not retreat. The junior high school students have been woken up by the monotonous wake-up bell without a trace of emotion. No one can afford to sleep Cigarettes Online, and even the sleepy person usually climbs up from the bed. After five minutes of washing, I ran into the teaching building quickly. It was a hasty but firm, like a dreamer who kept on stopping. In the brightly lit school building, the sound of reading from the students, such as a song of sorrow, woke up the night that will be unclear. At that moment, I understood the struggle. Sunshine, at 3:30 in the afternoon, the sun is shining, shining on the fiery track. The junior high school students are running. The squad of the sports committee echoed the playground Newport Cigarettes, inspiring the students to fight forward. Everyone has fine sweat on his face, but no one wants to give up the pace of chasing dreams. No one stops, no one is tired, because we are junior high school students, we have ideals, we are hope. In every afternoon of the sun, I read the hard work. At 9 o'clock in the evening, the residential building opposite the teaching building was brightly lit. At nine o'clock, it was a good time for leisure and entertainment after dinner. However, the students of the third grade were working attentively at the moment, and the classroom was quiet and there was no embarrassment. There is no impetuousness, and everyone is learning for the temple of ideal knowledge. After class, some of the students are asking questions, the desire to seek knowledge is so strong, and some are still writing; some whisper out without disturbing others. On that quiet night, I read and insisted. The tension in the third day, let me read the belief that the students are fighting hard and not giving up Newport 100S. At six o'clock in the morning, the sound of reading in the teaching building once again awakened the dawn of sleep.
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