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25.11.2019 07:44
On the road of our Antworten

On the road of our growth, there is a variety of tastes of sourness and bitterness. In this, I think people will suffer more bitterness! After suffering, it may be sweet, so only after suffering bitterness can you feel sweet when you enter the second year. Because the study is very intense, I always finish my homework very late, and I have to get up early and endorse every day. The class was groggy and half-intelligible. In the first research exam, my grades regressed very quickly. Dad and Mom are very anxious, I am also very anxious, but I don't know what to do, that time should be the most bitter! Even when I felt that I didn't insist on going on, I decided to give up. Grandpa heard about my pain and brought two packs of tea from my hometown. He gave me a drink and let me drink. I took a sip and spit it out Marlboro Cigarettes. The tea was bitter and bitter, especially difficult to drink. But Grandpa didn��t finish his cup of tea in a while, and poured a cup for me, let me try again. I took another drink and said Cheap Cigarettes, "It seems that I have not been so bitter, but I have tasted a fragrance." Grandpa said: "Children, tea is this feeling, life should be this feeling! You are now going to school, you will eat sweet in the future, you have to say no to school, like me, the wind and the sun, you Do you feel so sweet?" I nodded heavily. After that, I learned hard and finally kept up with the teacher's pace and improved my learning methods. My grades were quickly brought up. Whenever I feel difficult, I will drink a cup of tea that my grandfather gave me. I feel that I have strength and I am very energetic and energetic. It turned out that this is bitterness to Dan said: "What happens to a person in life, we can not control, but the ability to repair life, but in our own mastery." In the face of setbacks and failures, is it a choice to face calmly or passively? Is it repaired or abandoned? Pick up the courage and face life, I believe tomorrow will be better. Bitterness will also become sweet. Even though we have gone through many detours, even though we have fallen into scars, even if we have done many wrong things, even if we have failed, pain, and sadness, these will make us gradually realize the meaning of life as we grow up. Perhaps in the end we will know that only in the process of constant bitterness will we know many of the truths of life that will make life from hard and bitter to beautiful sweetness Marlboro Lights. I tasted the bitter taste.
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