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Whenever I have spare time, I read some extracurricular readings. One of them is called "The Turtle". Although I have read this book many times, I still like to read it very much. Because I was touched by the little turtle Tao Tao in the story, every time I read it, I learned something different. The main content of this book is this: A turtle named Tao Tao learned about the Lion King from the pigeon couple. The eighteenth wedding ceremony, large and small, men and women, old and young can participate. After thinking about the whole day and night, Tao Tao finally made up his mind and embarked on the road to the Lion Cave. The animals discouraged her and laughed at her because they felt that the journey was too far away for her Marlboro Red. But Tao Tao always said, "No, I have to stick to it, my decision will not change Newport Cigarettes Coupons." In the end, she crossed all obstacles and finally reached the Lion Cave. But the lion king of the twenty-eighth died in the war with Tigers. But in the end she attended the wedding celebration of Lion King XXIX.Ƭ�� In the difficult and long trek of the turtle Tao Tao, I am deeply touched by two clips. When Tao Tao met the snail teacher, the teacher said to her, "You are unfortunate! You should go south instead of north. You are going in the wrong direction completely. If you go in the right direction at the beginning, Maybe you still have some hope. "But Tao Tao said categorically:" I will arrive on time. "After reading here, I realized that Turtle Tao Tao is still firm in his thoughts when he encounters setbacks. If it is me, I encounter this In this case, all previous efforts have been abandoned, and it is necessary to start again. I wonder if I can bear such a blow. The second place was when Tao Tao met the crow wise sneeze, the crow told her that the 28th King of the Lions was seriously injured in the fight with Tigers and died unfortunately. You can't go to the wedding of someone who has already died. The news was a desperate blow for Tao Tao. Make her trip meaningless. But what struck me is that Tao Tao did not stop her pace, but kept on driving day and night. Her unfulfilled spirit and unstoppable spirit deeply touched me. "Turtle" is a picture book by German writer Mitchell End. I think the author wants to tell us: Don't give up easily, and unremitting persistence will bring you closer to your dream. We may all be slow tortoises, but as long as we persist, we can reach the end of our dreams. Everyone who reads The Turtle may have different gains, as Professor Mei Zihan said: We will all be on the road Carton Of Cigarettes. That is a lifetime of life and a lifetime of work. It is in response to a wish in the heart, or an invitation in the distance. At the same time remember this philosophy: on the road, just go every day, you will always meet a grand celebration.
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