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I read a story book called a hunting eagle encounter. The story book mainly describes the true feelings of humans and animals, so I saw that there are wild animals and emotional sides, and it reflects the true human emotions from reality. In nature, a lot of animal and human emotion stories have happened. Today, the master is a vulture. At the juncture of being killed by a beast, he was rescued by the human sister Cheng. The animal Bazacha and human sister happened a series of emotional stories. . Bar?acha is a gold sculpture, because his wings were injured in the fight with the beast, and was rescued by the human sister Cheng. The human sister took Bachacha home and healed the wound carefully, and he bandaged the wound for Bar?acha. Bar?acha, but Bar?acha is too eager to fly. In order to grow new feathers faster, he uses his own will and strength to pull out the residual feathers on his wings with his mouth, and grow new feathers again. Sister Cheng returned Bacha to nature. When Sister Cheng released, Barchacha hovered in the sky, as if thanking Sister Cheng for his kindness, and refused to leave in the air for a long time. Sister Cheng waved and told it to return Home! Nature is your home. Sister Cheng is a fan of climbing the snow mountain. Once on the way to the mountain, she looked at the blue sky and suddenly saw Bacha Marlboro Gold. They looked at each other. Sister Cheng continued her climbing journey with all her heart. Fortunately, sister Cheng accidentally fell into the snow mountain cave Marlboro Red. There was no food and water in the cave. For a long time, sister Cheng was physically weak. At this critical moment, Barcelonacha used her available body and her own life. In exchange for Sister Cheng ��s hope for survival, two days later, the rescue team arrived and saved Sister Cheng ��s life. In order to commemorate Barcelona Cha, she set up a monument for Barcelona Cha Parliament Cigarettes, which is strong, brave, and lives forever. In real life, brave and strong are not rare. There is a real example around me. My brother Jiaming jumped off the wall while playing with a child. His legs ached and went to the hospital the next day. After examination, I got a malignant tumor. My aunt took her brother to visit the doctor. Finally, she was treated in Beijing Hospital. The chemotherapy process was painful. During the chemotherapy process, my brother lost his hair, but the chemotherapy did not cure him. Brother's illness, but facing greater choices, the doctor issued a notice of amputated legs, only the legs can be survived, and finally the brother agreed with the doctor's advice in his own will. During the brother's recovery, the brother held With his optimistic mental attitude, strong perseverance to fight against the disease, the company of his family and the optimistic spirit of his brother, overcome difficulties, and finally admitted to the ideal medical university to serve more people. The above story tells us Difficulties must be strong, brave and optimistic, as long as there is hope, life will be better

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