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Don't let the timid difficulties show off the power��Someone who read "Love for Life" once said: "Human life is like a flood, without encountering islands and reefs. What can we do in difficult or dangerous situations? Lu Xun said: "Even if it is difficult, you still have to do it. The harder you are, the more you have to do it." Others said, "Difficulty is a stupid and timid thing. It is accustomed to showing its power to frightened eyes. , As long as you hear the sound of sound footsteps quietly retracted like a mouse. "Yes! Difficulties are timid. An American gold digger used his footsteps to overcome timid difficulties and finally reached the destination. The gold digger was the book "Love of Life" by American writer Jack London. The protagonist in the book said: He has not eaten for many days, his stomach is too hungry and he has no sense of hunger, his legs have been stoned like two rotten meat, and the blood is not flowing Cheap Cigarettes. He still insisted on moving forward, and when he was extremely weak, he encountered another sick wolf. The sick wolf followed him, licked his blood, and waited to kill him, and he looked forward to killing the sick wolf. Save his own life, just like this, a crawling patient, a limp sick wolf dragging their dying bodies to fight each other in the wilderness Carton Of Cigarettes, and finally the gold digger broke the wolf's throat, drank like his own will After a wolf blood like lead, he fell asleep. Sure enough, as the saying goes, "Good luck doesn't come naturally in the place where people wait, but through winding roads and unimaginable difficulties." At this moment, an inspection team's ship He was found and saved, and he finally reached his destination. After seeing this article, my mood was mixed, as if the gold digger was right in front of my eyes, watching him look embarrassed to live, I was very sad. Thinking of him drinking wolf blood, he felt cruel, but the other way around, if he didn't drink wolf blood, the wolf would eat him because they all wanted to survive. At the end of the story, all that remained in my mind was admiration for the gold digger. If faced with hunger Cigarettes Online, he did not have the will to stay to the end; if faced with injuries throughout his body, he yielded to difficulties; if faced with danger, he had no love for life. Perhaps his life had long since disappeared into that wilderness. The spirit of never bowing your head, persisting in the end, and never giving up your life i
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