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26.12.2019 10:01
nd turned the book to the last page. Antworten

zCan sunflowers dance? This is not a fairy tale, but an eternal beauty Parliament Cigarettes. In my heart, I also need such a sunflower. It will always rise, let happiness never die. ����Written the year before, in July, the girl got a few sunflower seeds on such a peaceful summer day Marlboro Cigarettes. She picked out one of the largest and fullest sunflower seeds in the small garden at the door, and watched the sunflower burst out after seven days and grow up in spirit. Every time a sunflower grows a new leaf, the girl rejoices. She carefully watered and weeded the sunflower. Once, the sunflower became ill, and the girl was so sad that he used a picked cigarette butt to treat it. That year, when the girl was seven years old, vanilla and seven-year-old vanilla came out vividly from the book "Dancing Sunflowers" and walked towards that girl-so, the girl met vanilla and the vanilla garden , Walked into a slice of sunflower with herbs. When the vanilla sang happily, the sunflower twiddled and danced. In the sunflower dance, the little friends came out of the books. Right, banquet, Mavericks, Amai ... They are kind and naive, and they write a love story in September Cigarettes For Sale. Sunflowers are like stubborn trees that grow taller every day, grow buds, and bloom. The small disk turned gently towards the sun, giving off a faint fragrance. The tiny leaves curled up in the wind, like dancing. But sunflower life is so short. It has opened, but it only leaves a beautiful shadow in the world. As if the sun disappeared, this beautiful shadow would disappear like a footprint. The girl was very sad. She saw the petals curled up in a place, thinking that she could no longer smell the fragrance, and tears lay on the petals, one by one, like dew. After a while, the dew turned into a stream, wrapped in petals, as if trying to keep the little maid Maid Amy away; right, went to the hospital for surgery; "Mr. Egg Roll" also left ... These love stories finally turned into sad endings. When the girl saw it, her heart was tight, and tears dripped involuntarily. Vanilla also wants to make the dance to see sunflower! However, a seven-year-old girl has raised sunflowers and knows its beauty is just a fragile shadow in everything. "Poor yes, can she see the sunflower dance?" The girl kept immersed in her thoughts. Does that sad sunflower flower, no matter how beautiful, ultimately become a tragedy? The girl muttered softly. The girl couldn't help herself and turned the book to the last page. When she saw that page, the girl's tears shed involuntarily. It turned out that the girl was wrong and happiness was not At the end, she is still so optimistic about the operation. She still hopes to see sunflowers that can dance, and sings with hope "flowers, flowers, hold my hand and sing" "flowers, flowers, dance together" How happy the joy can last, the beauty can close the book forever, the girl remembered her sunflower seeds again. The girl told her father, "Let's plant it in spring." "To be planted in the big garden," said the girl. "If you want to water it and fertilize it, it will have a lot of seeds." The girl added that the girl knew that the sunflower seeds were taking root and sprouting in her heart. After all, one day, it will grow into a plant that will always be sunny and never wither. sunflower. That girl is m
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