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There is a writer friend, she writes three manuscripts a day, but she has a habit that if the first manuscript is written very smoothly, then the remaining two manuscripts can be done in one go; but if the first manuscript is written If it does n��t go well, then she ca n��t write the remaining two articles, or she ca n��t even write them. She said that it was because the failure of the first article affected the emotions, and the following manuscripts could not be written. I have a colleague, a graduate of the School of Architecture who has solid theoretical knowledge and a clever mind. He is assigned to our department to do technical work. He cherishes this job and works very hard. Everyone is optimistic about his future. He said that in a few years, he could develop. However, after working for one and a half years, a drawing designed by him was wrong, causing the construction party to waste a lot of manpower Newport 100S, material resources, and financial resources, causing losses to the company. The manager was very angry and criticized him face to face After a meal Marlboro Gold, since then, he has been stunned. Every day he just works to deal with things, and he no longer has the motivation to go forward Carton Of Cigarettes. I asked him why this is the case. He said, "Anyway, the manager has no good impression on me, I No matter how hard you try, it's a waste! "He just stayed with this mentality for four years and was laid off when the company was restructured. And some of the graduates who work with him at the same time, some of them did not do as well as he did, now they have developed, only him, let a setback affect life in the years to come. I have seen such a news in the newspaper. I ca n��t remember which country it happened in. The idea is that a woman was 14 years old when she was drunk by a sudden heavy rain and got a skin disease. The illness itched as soon as it met rainy days, but her condition was more special than others. Even on sunny days, she felt itchy all over. This lasted for many years. At the age of 31, she met an old doctor. After the old doctor checked her, she said that on sunny days, there would not be any pathological changes in her skin. She felt that itching was purely a psychological effect. "Because she was rained once, you have been living in the rain ever since. This rain has always affected your later life. You let the rain soak your soul. "The old doctor said that in life, everyone will inevitably encounter some unpleasant things, but you cannot let bad emotions affect your life for a long time. On the way to life, you are destined to suffer some setbacks, but you must not lose your fighting spirit due to a failure. Pat the dust on your body, cheer up the tired spirit, don't let the rain wet your soul!
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