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The famous French writer Voltaire once said: "It is not the mountains in the distance that make people tired, but a grain of sand in your shoes." In the journey of life, everyone's shoes will inevitably be mixed with sand If you do not remove the sand in time, and let it rub against the flesh, over time, a series of blisters will inevitably hit your feet, making people miserable, or even halfway through, losing all their achievements. If it is said that the sand particles in the shoes only leave people with blisters and heart-like pain Online Cigarettes, then the "sand particles" in the mind are more harmful and will cause people to suffer for life. His career will go to waste, and even bring about the tragic world of life. Edison, the famous inventor of the world, became proud in his old age. He even said to his subordinates, "You do n��t suggest anything to me. Any clever suggestion can't exceed my thinking. "He was stubbornly opposed to AC transmission Carton Of Cigarettes, which resulted in a disastrous career. The proud "grain of sand" blocked the source of his wisdom and deprived him of his motivation to move forward. When the great chemist David was president of the Royal Society, he was worried that his assistant Faraday would surpass himself, endangering his throne, and tried to prevent Faraday from becoming a member of the Royal Society. The jealous "grit" tarnished his reputation and hindered Faraday's growth. Newton, the well-known discoverer of the law of gravitation, spent more than 20 years trying to prove the existence of God, looking for the "first impetus" for the operation of celestial bodies. As a result, the "sand" of idealism obscured his eyes And wasted his precious time. Former world billiards champion Louis Fox, who has dominated the world for more than a decade, in a World Billiards Championship competition in New York, because a fly landed on the main ball he was about to hit three times, he swung angrily The fly was judged by the referee to hit the ball and lost the game. The next morning, his body was found in the river not far from the playing field. The emotionally fragile "sands" affected his mood and killed his life. The famous singer Yin Xiangjie was jailed for illegal drug possession, and people sighed with grief. The tempting "grit" ruined his reputation and ruined his future Cigarettes For Sale. The dyke of a thousand miles is destroyed in an ant's hole. "A small maggot can destroy a tall tree. It can be seen that although the" sand "is small, the harm is endless. We must not ignore the small" sand "Zhang Ailing "Life is a gorgeous robe covered with lice. "On the long road of life, each of our hearts will be mixed with small and large" grains ", such as pride, vanity, jealousy, fame, temptation, etc. We must guard against micro-duration, and timely discover and eliminate these troubles "Sand." Only in this way can we keep our hearts pure, navigate the ships of life, and sail to the other side of success
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