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23.05.2020 08:47
Walking around, a muse Antworten

Walking around, a museum with a strange shape, resembling many cups. At a glance, it is called the Chile Pavilion. I haven't been to Chile yet! It's okay to go in and see, it's easy to say, but hard to wait! We have been lining up for a long time and finally entered the museum! This time can be regarded as an eye-opener, so a large projector, throwing out dozens of squares, each square is a window of a home, and everyone in the family is doing their own things, so uncomfortable! Wow! Opened my horizons again Online Cigarettes, and there was actually a room upside down on my head! Everything is firmly "nailed" to the ceiling, small things are attached with double-sided tape Carton Of Cigarettes, everything is true! Not a projector! Even the TV is firmly on the bookshelf! It's all true, what a Chilean pavilion, it's really good! But one thing I don't understand, what does the "upside down" room have to do with "the city makes life better"? It's really unimaginable. Next, we took a look at a museum that looks exactly like the "G" character, looked at it, hey! Canada Pavilion! Although I already knew enough about Canada, my curiosity about its shape made me walk in. As the beginning, I bought a chocolate ice cream of 20 yuan. You will definitely say: "20 yuan! Grab money!" But I think this 20 yuan is worth the money! Because that ice cream is really delicious! You buy one too! Next I saw three super funny clowns performing acrobatics at the door (I was waiting in line). I smiled forward and backward, because they called a little girl in the middle, and then continued to throw sticks, the little girl and the clown standing in the middle were terrified, it was so funny! At this moment, I also lined up, and we happily entered the museum. I played and played there because there are more than a dozen amazing bicycles. When you ride a bike, the villain on the front screen will fly. If you continue to ride, he will take you to a magical world where there are flying trains, endless roads, and many more. Trees, even your bike can fly! It's so fun! I played several times and wanted to play, but time is running out, we have to go to the pavilion that every Chinese must not see-the Chinese pavilion walked for a while, and there was a long queue, we arrived For the China Pavilion, because of the long queue to go to the second floor, we will take a look at the provincial and municipal pavilions there on the first floor. We watched the Heilongjiang Pavilion of Ice World and the Zhejiang Pavilion of Bamboo Paradise with great interest Newport Cigarettes. There is a skiing game in the Heilongjiang Pavilion. I played like a bicycle for half a day, and I was exhausted. The bamboo walls of the Zhejiang Pavilion will also change color, which is really "outrageous"!
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